Juxtaposition of the myth of Isis and Osiris, and the epic ‘Divine Comedy’.

Osiris, take my hand,
Far and away from this persistent inferno.
You, Osiris, are the heaven of my moon and
I, Isis, is beautiful with long dark hair,
Born to love you, to take away your despair.
I have no address in purgatory’s in-between-ness anymore,
For I have fled to the celestial spheres of heaven’s door.
Osiris, invite me in again, to your heavenly abode
From where I shall take leave, never, no more.
Osiris, I am a wonder made only for you
And You, a marvel made only for I, Isis.
When in limbo, far away from you,
My heart got trapped by evil thoughts not my own, not at all.
But them, the cruel village folk.
I, Isis, made many a sin when she be separated from you, her Osiris.
But I, Isis wasn’t I, Isis when her Osiris, was so far away,
When the village folk fed slow poison to her thoughts,
I, Isis became a ghost of her cerebral demons.
Soon realization dawned upon I, Isis
Her apologies overflowing from the deepest pit of her soul,
For having hurt her Osiris’ heart of gold, for having hurt, Isis and Osiris.
Therefore, I, Isis, beg her Osiris so truly, to forgive her for her sins,
For she wants to be the one to mend her Osiris’ golden heart.
Because I, Isis, belongs just with you, her Osiris.



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