Spacing out

Words to live by

Words to live by

The knows and hows of the heart are truest as they can be
But the head is jam-packed theories albeit all untrue
Lose yourself you will
You turn to nothing but rented thoughts
You are everyone but yourself in that stage
With an identity of you entirely misplaced
But after it all, after the alien impact fades
Once you feel again
Once the heart trumps the head with a heavy bang-bang
It is once and for all
Learning true self, learning who are you
A second birth of sorts
From where there is no going back
In the texture of a love compassionate and true
Can the heart of the other understand?
That sometimes the head dictates, and the body obeys
But the heart is pure and has always been
It only forgot to feel
For circumstances clouded its strength
And words of the wrong seemed louder and louder
Only for a period of limbo, a period slightly long
Back up in reality now
Please believe the tears are true and not crocodile
Please accept for the sins were untrue
If pieces of you and I, fall apart
Our pieces will come together in the sea of our love
Chance upon us once again
Forget it all as it were just false
The love is pure and the love shall wait.


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