Intertwined wires.

Inner freedom experienced raw
Can’t look in the eye of tomorrow’s truth
A feeling of the soul wandering lose in the body
Lost in moments of weakness
Can it be questioned, such human errs.
Do these uncharacterise?
Rather does it leave a strong forcefulness.
Seeking that transcendent spontaneity in life
Bottled-up liberation wants to explode
Urging to look reality in the eye without fear
Only to create value in the supreme present, to make the mind a stronger temple
Holding back for the sake of another 
Although meaninglessly meaning-deprived.
Fathom a void in thought
Thinking can be but dangerous
Beneath guilt-infested stars
Not knowing how to explain to another
So abnormal and unadjusted among the pseudo normalcy
Battling instincts albeit inner-most emotions a total intensity
There is freedom from where we act.
Under a blank white ceiling of evil 
What is it we exhibit
Hide away natural curiosities
Suppressing mere momentary weakness
Do these uncharacterise? 
Wonder how a great love be expressed
To express as a naked human.


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