a moment.

prettiest words.

prettiest words.

I once dreamed a dream,
of two white horses dancing madly in the rain.
The occurrence of lightening first struck Earth in the infinite moment of their first encounter

They shined like crystals under the sky of their sorrows
One horse glum, the other one too 
But by somehow, their stargazed eyes appearing mind-numbingly mystic as they were electric in the strawberry fields of each other’s paradise.

Dark were their ways, wild were their traits, and a magic potion to get them through…
they experienced a connection so cosmic in its most rudimentary form.

Contiguous was their raw infectious love with overflowing passion, brutally witnessed by the naked wind, bright rainbow gardens, heavy woods, scattering rain, and a stunning earth.

They adored the way the parentheses of their hidden smiles became quotation marks when they stretched out to each other.

One thing in common were their oddities and strangeness with too few consistencies with or without each other… the two horses, so magnetic and profoundly addicted to these defining characteristics finding one another as irresistible as forbidden fruit.

Only growing to worship the uneven craters in each other’s moon alongside embracing it’s romantic light, if one of them left, the other would utter the words ‘come back to me and let me taste the rain again, come home and paint my world again’.

So I say to you ‘come back to me and let me taste the rain again, come home and paint my world again’.


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